Shoujoai ni Bouken: Adventures of Yuriko

The Story So Far: Teen idol Yuriko, notorious ladies' woman, has beengiven the role of high school student to play for a new TV show. Enrolled as a senior, Yuriko is experiencing her first day back in school.

Volume 1, Issue 3

"New Student Blues"

Physical education! How *had* she forgotten about that? Yuriko tried not to openly grimace as she entered the locker room with the other girls. It wasn't that she was a's just that these girls were girls...little girls. Yucko. Yuriko kept her eyes frozen on her locker or her clothes, as she changed, pretending not to notice the shy glances, the blushes, the whispers. She longed for a drink, preferably something strong and mind-numbing. How the hell had she gotten through this the first time around, she wondered. Oh, yeah, she smiled to herself, I remember now...Junko. Man, was she beautiful. Yuriko smiled brightly now, and joined the rest of the girls in the gym, her mind filled with memories of her first love.

"Today we're playing basketball," the coach said. Yuriko couldn't remember her name yet. Ma - something. "Are you okay with that?" Yuriko's head shot up suddenly, when she realized she was being spoken to.

"Uh, yeah, sure...I'm not great at it though." Yuriko grinned, two girls to her right sighed breathily. Yuriko remonstrated with herself. Great - gotta watch that.

The next few minutes were odd...teams were drawn up, and positions assigned. Because of her height, Yuriko was naturally assigned to center. There's no time like the present to make a fool of myself, she thought, and took the ball as it was passed to her. To her surprise, a spin and several steps later, she was leaping to make a shot...and the ball went in.

"I thought you said you weren't good at this game." The coach said teasingly.

Yuriko laughed. "Well, I wasn't, last time I played. About five years ago."

The coach gave her an appraising look. "Stop by my office after school. We could use you on the basketball team." Yuriko bowed slightly, then mentally slapped herself. What the hell are you *doing* Yuri? Team sports? Where's the little intellectual I know and love?

"Uh, sensei?" Yuriko asked, as the coach turned back to the game. "Does this school have a poetry club?" The sound of more sighs. Ugh.

The coach shook her head. "But we have a writing club, maybe you can ask them."

Yuriko nodded in thanks. She sat on the bench and turned to the two girls next to her. "Hi - I'm Yuriko." They stared at her in shock for a full second, then burst out giggling. With an intense effort of will, she did *not* roll her eyes. In the middle of the giggles she was able to make out two names, Emi and Sumika.


The end of the school day could not come fast enough. Yuriko was shocked at how much science she remembered, how much math she had forgotten and how very, very bad her language skills were. She looked forlornly at the pile of homework on her desk. This sucked.

While she packed her bag, the girl next to her stood to leave. Yuriko stopped her and apologized. "Sayaka-san, right?" Sayaka blushed, but thankfully, did not giggle. "Do you know where the Writing Club meets? I want to talk to them about joining."

Sayaka's coloring rose. "I'm..." she hesitated, then lowered her eyes. "I'm the President of that club. You can come with me - we'd like it very much if you joined." She bowed, and kept her eyes on the floor.

Yuriko stepped away from her desk and stood in front of the girl. Lifting Sayaka's chin with her finger, Yuriko looked down into the girl's eyes. "Thanks. But, if I'm going to join, we have to make a deal here." Yuriko put one hand on her hip. "None of this blushing stuff. I'm just another student, okay?"

Sayaka bowed again, and turned quickly, practically running to the door. "You can follow me, Yuriko-sam...Yuriko-san," she said, softly.

"-kun." Yuriko said, following her out into the hallway. "I'll need a sempai around here to show me the ropes. Are you busy later?" Sayaka stared at her with huge eyes. Yuriko looked at her questioningly. "What? Do I have something on my face?" She reached up to brush her cheek but Sayaka began to laugh.

"No, nothing on your face. You're just so...different."

Yuriko grinned. "Forward? Impudent? Rude?"

"Yes," Sayaka confirmed, "all those things. And adult too. You're not a high school student and it shows. You don't talk the same, or act the same."

They turned a corner and stopped in front of a classroom door. Yuriko put her hand on the door and smiled at Sayaka. "I never was much good at being like everyone else."

Sayaka smiled back. "No - I suppose that's why you're famous and we, the rest of us, the ones who are good at being the same, aren't."

Yuriko nodded at this. "That's pretty wise coming from a high school student." She slid the door open and gestured Sayaka to precede her.


Matsumori-sensei. That was it. Eventually Yuriko would remember all the teacher's names. The coach met Yuriko at the door of her office and waved her in.

"You've created quite a stir in our school," Matsumori-sensei commented, gesturing her to a chair. She pulled her hair back into a ponytail, Yuriko noticed - it made her look more severe, and older, than she really was.

Yuriko sat and looked around. The coach had her own office, of a sort, rather than using the teacher's room. Yuriko could see equipment and trophies piled haphazardly together. She liked the woman immediately. Anyone who was this sloppy was probably okay.

"Yes, well, it wasn't really my idea," Yuriko explained. "My agent decided this would be good for me. I'm not really sure it's good for anyone."

The other woman nodded. "Until everyone gets used to your presence, I'd say it's going to be awkward. Feel free to drop by, if you need someone to talk to."

"Thanks." Yuriko said, sincerely. "I might need a few friends."

"If I remember your file correctly, we actually share a birthday," the coach said. "I was born in Hokkaido, though. You're an Edoka, correct?"

"Uh, yeah." Yuriko looked a little put out. "Sorry," she said a moment later. "It always annoyed me that teachers have all this information about students, but not the other way around."

The coach looked startled, then laughed. "How rude of me. Let's start again. I'm Matsumori Ruriko. I coach girls' basketball, teach PE and make a great strawberry shortcake." She extended a hand and Yuriko took it. Her shake was strong.

"Yuriko, no family name, I can't cook to save my soul, but I'm told that I'm not bad looking and can act a little." Yuriko scratched her head. "Not really much of a recommendation, is it?"

Matsumori-sensei laughed again. "Nope, but don't tell the girls here, they'll scratch your eyes out."

"Oh, that," Yuriko sighed.

Something sparkled in the coach's eye as she leaned forward and asked, "Are you as much the playboy, er, girl, as the press makes you out to be?"

"Um, probably not." Yuriko evaded the question, but the coach didn't let it pass.

"C'mon...between friends..." there was something conspiratorial in Matsumori-sensei's smile and Yuriko nodded. She turned to the cameraman behind her and shot him a questioning glance. He pulled the camera off his shoulder and nodded. "I'll be outside having a cigarette." He turned and practically shoved the PA out of the office with him.

When the door closed behind them, Yuriko nodded again at the coach. "But," she insisted, "I'm not interested in teenyboppers. So there won't be any problems with..."

The coach waved away her concerns. "I'll vouch for you. You don't seem predatory."

Yuriko smiled, evilly. "I can be..."

Matsumori-sensei returned the grin. "So can I, if he's worth the effort." She caught the other woman's eye and they laughed.