Shoujoai ni Bouken: Adventures of Yuriko

The Story so Far: On her first day acting as a high school senior for a new "reality" TV program, Yuriko has relived many of the joys of high school life, including being threatened by the school bully, joining the basketball and writing clubs, and having every girl in school giggle incessantly at her. She has made a few friends so far, including her new "sempai" Sayaka and the coach of the basketball team.

Volume 1, Issue 4

"Home Stretch"

Yuriko yawned luxuriously. Finally, she could go home. She glanced at her watch, 5:30. Her stomach rumbled and she smiled down at it. "Soon, soon." She knew the car would be waiting for her outside and every bone in her exhausted body longed to relax into its plush interior.

She turned to the cameraman who stood off to her right and waved. "'Night."

He waved back from behind the camera. Yuriko could hear the PA wish her a good evening distractedly, as she talked to the other cameraman about editing today's footage. Yawning again, she started for the street.

The shove didn't knock her off her feet, but it did push her back a few steps. She stared in surprise as Uto and his henchmen faced off between her and her waiting car. She smiled condescendingly.

"Look boys..."

Uto interrupted. "Shut your trap, you dyke."

Yuriko's eyebrow rose at that. She noticed two of the toughs trying to outflank her, so she backed herself up to the brick wall that led to the school. "Jealous already?" she taunted lightly. "I haven't even seduced
your girlfriends yet."

Uto's teeth ground audibly. "You think you're pretty clever, don't you?" He laughed nastily. "You think you don't have to be afraid of us."

Yuriko shook her head. "That's ridiculous. I'm terrified of you. I have every confidence in your ability to beat me to dirt. But what does that have to do with the way I dress or who I sleep with?"

This appeared to stun Uto into momentary silence. He stood, his fists clenched, sneering at Yuriko.

She saw the cameraman move closer, the tape still rolling. Great, thanks for the backup...

She looked Uto in the eye and wasn't sure she liked what she saw. Uto glared at her a moment more then asked, intensely, "Are you making fun of me?"

Yuriko was startled by this question. "Uh, no...why would I do that? Look," she replied earnestly, gesturing at the four boys. "You are, collectively, several hundred kilograms heavier than me. I'm sure you're all strong and tough and good fighters. I'm not. If you beat me up, I won't be any more afraid of you than I am already. You'd have a Pyrrhic victory. And the police would have a tape of you beating the shit out of me, so when I pressed charges, you'd have no way to deny it." She pointed to the cameraman. Uto turned and gazed over his shoulder for a moment, then turned back.

"We could always wait until you were alone," Uto threatened.

Yuriko threw up her hands in disgust. "Fine! Fine. Do it. Beat me up already. Sheesh. Do you think for a moment that I'd hesitate to use my notoriety to have your asses sent to prison? Remember, the whole world will see you threaten me on VIDEO." She stood, trying not to shake with tension. Her stomach felt sour.

She heard Uto laugh shortly, then again. The next thing she knew Uto was laughing quite raucously, and eventually the three henchmen joined him. It was quite a laughfest, she thought, as a nervous grin broke out on her own face.

Uto stopped laughing for a moment and peered at her strangely. She realized that he had weak eyes. Odd thing for a gang leader, she thought.

"You're one strange chick," he said approvingly.

"Uh, yeah," Yuriko said, "thanks, I guess."

Uto gestured to himself, then each of the other guys in turn. "I'm Uto, this is Heiji," he gestured at a surfer boy next to him, "Ni-ru," a boy with a pierced ear and a tooth missing nodded at her, "and this is Togai, my brother."

Brother? Togai stood tall and lanky, while Uto was short and stocky. They looked as different as night and day.

"Uh, hi," Yuriko said, wishing to hell she was home. "Yuriko."

"Yuri-chan," Uto said condescendingly, "don't go near our girlfriends, or we'll beat the living shit out of you."

"Right. I promise." Yuriko spotted the car and edged her way towards it. With a few last words, she parted from the gang and with an enormous sigh let the car drive her away.


"My hero." Mariko said teasingly. She and Hachi sat on the sofa, while Yuriko had laid herself out supine on the floor.

"Don't," Yuriko pleaded. "I've had a terrible day," she groaned in misery. "And I have homework to do!" She glared as Mariko and Hachichuckled. "It's not funny! I have to write in English... an essay on how
I spent my summer vacation."

Mariko snorted. "You can't do that, can you?"

Yuriko put her hands over her face. "Probably not. I doubt the teacher expects an essay on the joys of a Alpine chateau and a French actress." Yuriko sat up and grabbed her glass of wine, gulping it down in one go. "The worst part is the giggling, though," she commented off-handedly.

"Then maybe you *should* write up your essay..." Hachi suggested. "The giggling will be replaced by shocked silence." He pretended to flinch from the look Yuriko shot him.

"Gods, you two are worse than nothing! Out!" Yuriko stood, and began to herd them off the couch. "If you're not helping with my homework, then out!"

"Okay, okay!" Mariko took Hachi's arm and gathered up her coat as they headed towards the door. "Fine, fine - but the next time you need help with algebra, don't come crying to me!" Her laughter could be heard,
even after Yuriko slammed the door behind her.

Yuriko took one look at the book bag on the table and found herself sinking onto the sofa face first. "What I did on my summer vacation..."