Shoujoai ni Bouken: Adventures of Yuriko
(Illustration by Kun)


Omake, Part 3

Traila nd eror

Yuriko stared up in fascination. Approximately thirty feet above her head floated a voluptuous and scantily clad redhead. Her wings were the same color as her hair, contrasting sharply with the few black leather straps that constituted her outfit. Yuriko's mouth dropped open as she contemplated the gravity-defying properties of the woman's breasts.

"Why are the evil henchwomen always redheads?" Yuriko mused out loud.

The flying woman's face darkened and her wings flapped petulantly.

"I am *not* a henchwoman!" she spat. "And if you don't join me up here, I can kill you where you stand gaping."

Yuriko pushed off the roof without a second thought. "No two-bit cartoon supporting character's gonna stand there, well, float there, and insult me!" Yuriko said, her lips pulling back in a cold smile.

"Good, good," the redhead cooed, as she retreated higher. "Come on and play, little magical girl, so I can whip your ass back to the last episode!"

Yuriko ground her teeth together and wished she had a big ass weapon so she could make this cheesy flying bimbo dance. In a poof! of air, she found herself holding a long coil of braided hide. She grinned at her opponent who, disconcertingly, was smiling brightly back at her.

"So, it's going to be that way, is it?" the redhead purred, cat ears practically popping from her head as she spoke. "The big, bad butch is going to put me in my place?"

Something about the way she said it made Yuriko shudder - but in a totally unexpected way. She took a long look at the red-haired woman, noting once again, this time with slightly deeper appreciation, the full hips and generous chest.

"Like what you see, little magical girl?" The red wings moved sensuously through the air. "Come up here and let Ariel teach you a thing or two about fighting."

Yuriko uncoiled the whip. "I think," she said, as she floated across from the other woman, "I've got that under control." The tip of the whip flicked out, as if it were a live thing. Ariel barked with surprise as the leather bit into her leg.

"Mmm," she said, "nice, but I bet I'm better." A whip appeared in her own hand and Yuriko jumped where she hovered as it moved through the air like a snake, curling around one of her legs.

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She tried to peel the thing off her, but Ariel slowly, inexorably, drew her closer until they were within touching distance. Ariel regarded her with hooded eyes.

"You know, when Kintaro-sama asked me to be the one to take care of you," she whispered, running a hand along Yuriko's jaw, "I complained. But now," she licked her finger and slid it across Yuriko's lips, "I'm not upset at all."

Yuri knew that she should fight back, that this...whatever she was...was not human, that whatever was happening was happening too quickly. But her body wasn't having any of that. Her brain shut down under pressure from the rest of her nervous system and she reached out to bring herself into a clinch with the redhead. Even as their lips touched, her head nearly exploded with pleasure. This wasn't just sex, this was magical sex - and Yuriko wasn't thinking too carefully at the moment.

Their clothes seemed to melt away as they drifted mid air, far above the vision of even the longest-sighted. Clouds hid them from the view of anything other than maybe a passing bird or two. Yuriko thought, for a brief moment, that down there somewhere was a very unhappy little magical creature, but Ariel's hands did that thing again and the thought passed away with the wind.

They lay on a cloudbank, wings and bodies entwined, while hands and mouth enjoyed every pleasure they had to offer each other. And only the passing roar of an airplane was louder than Ariel as she came in the arms of her newest arch-enemy.

Yuriko breathed deeply, inhaling the scent of musky incense that filled Ariel's fiery mane. She stretched luxuriously, rubbing her legs and her wings along the other woman's body. Yeah, she thought, now *this* is a magical power.

Ariel's eyes opened slowly, a languorous smile spreading across her full lips. She ran her fingers through Yuriko's hair and kissed the blonde deeply. As they parted, Ariel frowned slightly.

"Don't," she said quietly, breathing the words into Yuriko's ear. "Don't go yet."

Yuriko shook her head. "I have to." She smiled and touched the woman's red lips with a finger.

"But that man - he has more power than you think!" Ariel threw her arms tightly around Yuri's neck and squeezed. "Let me go in your place, please Yuriko-sama. I won't let him kill you!"

Yuriko stared at her erstwhile opponent in shock. What on earth had come over the woman? She was supposed the want her dead! Yuriko couldn't for the life of her understand the change...she snapped her fingers in realization.

"I get it!" she cried. "*Killer* orgasms, not killer..." she laughed, delighted. "Okay, I can get behind that!" She took Ariel's shoulders in her hands and separated herself slightly from the creature. "Ari- chan," she
began gently, "it's my job - I have to face Kin-pi myself and defeat him," she put her hand gently over Ariel's mouth to stall any protest. "Anyway, I'm going to enjoy kicking his butt right into the last panel." She smiled winningly and kissed Ariel. "Wait for me - I'll be back before dawn," Yuriko whispered as she disentangled herself from the other woman's embrace. Her clothes reappeared as she let Ariel's hand go. "I'll be back," she repeated.

"I'll wait," Ariel said sadly. Yuriko blew her a kiss and floated backwards slowly, loathe to leave the redhead. As she dwindled in the distance, Yuriko could see Ariel "standing" on a cloud, her hands cupped around her mouth. The wind swirled around her, making it hard to catch anything intelligible, but Yuriko heard "water" and "sunrise."

The blonde shot the winged creature a smile and waved. "I know - he's poisoning the water and I have to stop him by dawn!" she acknowledged. The last thing she could see as Ariel disappeared behind a cloud, was the red mane whipping back and forth in the wind as the woman shook her head wildly. After losing sight of the other woman, Yuriko turned and sped away towards the tall building where even now Nagusa was waiting, mostly likely with extreme impatience.

The rooftop came into view, but not Nagusa. Yuriko landed, looked around and ventured a tentative "Nagusa-chan?" but no answer was forthcoming. Yuriko took a deep breath, then another. With a shout that reverberated around the machinery on the roof, she bellowed, "Nagusa-chan!"

The doll-creature bounced out of a crevice with a shriek of alarm. "I'm here! I'm working! Really! I'm not sleeping!" she sputtered, while brushing the fingers of one hand through her disheveled hair and, with the other, wiping soot off of one cheek.

The little woman looked around wildly until she spotted the blonde smirking at her. Nagusa started to bristle, but mid- breath seemed to think better of it.

"Okay, okay," the magical mascot conceded, "we're even. I won't complain about you flying off for some demonic nookie, if you don't mention that I fell asleep on the job."

"Deal," Yuriko said, and they shook hands solemnly. With a few moments of preparation, the two had taken their place with the birds and were winging their way towards the besieged water plant.

"I'm starting to get the hang of all this," Yuriko commented, when they landed. "Watch." She held a hand out. "Sword," she said, as a wicked looking blade appeared in her hand, "whip," the edged weapon was replaced with the coiled leather from earlier, "club," and Yuriko grunted as a rather heavy, metal-tipped, long-handled mace weighed her down. "Um, gun!' she shouted and smiled lovingly at the sleek handgun that she now clenched. "Not bad, huh?"

Nagusa made a face. "Yeah, yeah, great. Now get a move on - the night's wearing away and you haven't done much yet by way of saving the world."

"Hey!" Yuri protested as they set off for the plant interior, "I converted one of the baddies to good - that's got to count for something."

"No comment," Nagusa said in an acid tone of voice. "Now be quiet or they'll hear us."

"Oh, we hear you alright, little girl. Now you're gonna hafta hear us." The voice was gravelly, coldly professional and strangely accented. Yuriko and Nagusa spun on their heels and stared up...and up...and up.

The creature was tall, knobby and even in the wan light from the outdoor lighting, distinctively green. The word "troll" crossed Yuriko's mind, even as the thing lifted her up and threw her into a wall. She slid downwards towards the ground and into blackness. Her last thought, as she lost consciousness was, "There is no way I'm sleeping with that thing."


Yuriko closed the comic and set it on the coffee table. "Gee thanks, Mariko, it's exactly what I wanted for my birthday - a hentai doujinshi about myself having sex with random demons. How appropriate." The blonde gave her friend a pained smile.

Mariko laughed with genuine delight. "I knew you'd love it! Hachi wanted to get you a CD, but I knew you'd like this much better."

"You know me so well," Yuriko said dryly.

Midori reached out for the comic, and flipped through it quickly. "My goodness! That certainly is interesting reading. I'll have to go over it again later."

"Wait until *your* birthday, Midori-san," Mariko giggled. "You'll be getting the next issue." She leaned towards the other woman and spoke conspiratorially, "it's even better, if you know what I mean." Midori covered her mouth with her hand and laughed as her lover turned red.

"Please," Yuriko begged, "not..."

"Oh, yes, tentacles - lots of them!" Mariko smiled beatifically.

"I can hardly wait," Yuriko said. "I can hardly wait."

The End - Really