Shoujoai ni Bouken: Adventures of Yuriko

The Story So Far: Yuriko has worn herself out signing autographs in a good cause, and she has, it seems, finally solved the mystery of the bento box lunches. The solution is both surprising and a little disturbing.

Volume 5, Issue 14

"Wind of the Gods"

The view was certainly impressive. Midori and Yuriko leaned on the double railing that surrounded the roof, watching as the sun slowly made its way towards the horizon. On the other side of the school, a pale moon wended its way upwards on its nightly journey. The wind was cold, but the sun warmed their faces.

"I never guessed. That's what really surprised me. I just never even thought it could have been her..." Yuriko said distractedly.

Midori put one hand over Yuriko's. "You can't think of everything. And from what you told me, there really wasn't any way for you to know."

Yuriko shook her head. "I know, but I still feel like a fool - all that time I was running scared of her, thinking that she hated me, when really...that poor girl. What she's been thinking about me..."

Midori sighed, closing her eyes and lifting her face to the sun. "High school really is simply awful, isn't it? Feelings you can't define, responsibilities that are imposed upon you for reasons that make no sense - when all you want to do is be young and have fun."

"Dammit," was all Yuriko had to say to that.

They stood for a little while longer, until Yuriko shook herself out of her reverie. Checking her watch she said, "Well, it's time to get changed. If you'd like, you can come downstairs and undress me and dress me all over again."

Midori smiled suggestively, "My own personal doll? I love it," she purred.

They started down the stairs together, until Yuriko paused and turned Midori around to face her. "Honestly - do you think I should say something to her?"

Midori reached out ands brushed the hair back from Yuriko's face. She looked at the worried blue eyes and shook her head slowly. "There's nothing you can do for her...except to go on treating her the way you have been, as your team captain."


"But what?" Midori said snippily, "What would you do? Tell her what?"

"I don't know, I just feel...I feel responsible," Yuriko said miserably.

Midori smiled ruefully, brushing at the frown on Yuriko's lips. "My poor Yuri - Mariko-san was so right, you want all people to be happy, all the time. You *are* responsible - because you are sweet, and kind and polite...extremely good-looking, and unapologetically sensual. Are you really so surprised that these girls would fall for you?"

Yuriko stared down into Midori's dark eyes. "I know you're right. I do." She leaned down to kiss Midori lightly, but the kiss became stronger, deeper, until she felt that she could drown in it. Midori's tongue was cool, flavored with soda and it made Yuriko laugh. Smiling she moved away, then pulled Midori into an embrace.

"Thank you," she whispered.

Midori leaned her head against Yuriko's chest and murmured, "I love you."

Yuriko pushed herself away from Midori and stared. "I do too," she said in a tone of sudden realization and total amazement. "I love you too."

They kissed again, then ran down the stairs, giggling like children, hand in hand.


There was a knock on the door of the classroom-cum-dressing room. Midori slid it aside to let in Namba with his ever-present camera, Kishi, a PA, Onda, his assistant and a few more people associated with the production. Onda spouted his profuse congratulations on the success of Yuriko's tenure as a high school student. Yuriko was gracious, funny and gentle, as the camera saved the moment for posterity. Kishi grunted her well-wishes and Yuriko thanked her agent for her patience and guidance. When at last they left, Yuriko sagged theatrically against the wall.

"What is taking them so long?" she complained.

Midori laughed at the blonde. "You're being a big baby."

"I know," Yuriko sighed melodramatically, with a back of the hand to her forehead. "I know - it's just so difficult being me." Midori giggled, then stepped up to the blonde to make a few last adjustments to her bowtie.

"What possessed you to go hard-boiled?" the author brushed her hand down the stiff shirtfront, ignoring the sound that came from the other woman.

Yuriko shrugged, "I just thought it would look nice."

"It does," Midori confirmed, her voice soft. "It looks very nice." She sighed wearily. "I see I'm going to have to fight them off tonight, won't I?"

Laughing, Yuriko said, "I can just see it now - Yumi Midori arrested for beating up a bunch of schoolkids. When interviewed, Yumi-san had only this to say for herself..."

"It was the tux - I couldn't help myself," a voice said sarcastically from the door. "If you don't move your butt, Yuri, Hachi and I will have to stand out here in the hall all night."

Yuriko leapt forward, turning with a grin. "Mari, Hachi! I was wondering where you were."

Hachi greeted Midori politely before answering Yuriko. "We've been here for a while, but Mariko decided to be delicate and we've been giving you two some time alone."

Yuriko shot Mariko a wry smile, "How subtle of you." She laughed happily. "I'm very glad you're here though - now someone can keep Midori company while Mari fights off all the besotted young men," she said to Hachi.

"I believe that Midori-san will have her own hands full," Hachi said graciously, turning to the author. "You look magnificent tonight."

He was not wrong. Midori did look magnificent in a bright cheongsam the color of her name, her black hair hung loosely, bound only at the end. Yuriko found herself watching her lover with intense pleasure. With an approving glance, she complimented Mariko, who promptly ended the mutual admiration.

"Yes, yes," she joked, "we are all amazingly attractive, not to mention sparkling conversationalists. Let's go out there and flaunt it a little!" She took Hachi's arm possessively, turning him around and marching him out of the door. "Don't forget - I get the first and last dance with you...the rest of the night, you're a free agent."

Yuriko heard Hachi's soft laugh and his childish whine, "But I don't wanna dance with anyone else!"

"Too bad," Mariko said with some force, "You'll just have to get used to the idea that a debonair, mature man such as yourself - you'll have every kogal in the school on your lap trying to make a few yen."

"Mariko!" Yuriko said, shocked.

Mari just laughed and laughed and led the way towards the auditorium.