Shoujoai ni Bouken: Adventures of Yuriko

The Story So Far: Yuriko's encounter with Uto has evened the score between them, she feels suitably rewarded for being a busybody. The school festival draws closer.

Volume 4, Issue 15

"A Journey of a Thousand Steps"

The hubbub and excitement that filled the school was contagious. Yuriko felt herself get caught up in the general energy that moved along with the conversation at the lockers.

"'Morning Yuriko-san!" Sato waved at her from down the row of lockers. Yuriko waved back and slipped on her shoes.

"Good Morning, Sato-san," Yuri greeted him. "What's all the fuss about?" She gestured to the chattering students around them.

"The festival schedule's been announced," Sato said with a smile. "Everyone gets to see who's doing what."

"Well, hey," Yuriko waved him forward, "Let's go see who's doing what!"

The crowd around the schedule notices was thick. Yuriko craned over  the students, thankful for her height, but annoyed at her poor distance sight. Eventually she and Sato made it close enough to read the notices.

"Basketball team has a food booth, writing club doing calligraphy... "Yuriko confirmed what she'd been told, "what are you doing?" she asked Sato-san.

The boy blushed, "I'm in the play our class is doing."

"Oh?" Yuriko lifted an eyebrow, "What play is that?"

"An excerpt from the "Tale of Genji." Sato said, turning back to the notice on the wall.

"And you're playing the beautiful commoner prince, I assume?" Yuriko m laughed at Sato's silence. She patted the boy lightly on the shoulder. "Make sure to reserve a good seat for me – and an even better one for Sayaka-sempai."

Sato's blush deepened, as he scanned the schedule. "Look!" He pointed, "There's your name."

Yuriko followed the finger and looked up at the column. It was labeled "Concert." The names of a few bands were listed, concurrent with the dance planned for the final evening of the festival...and there was her name. "Special Guest Star – Yuriko." She groaned. "I'll get Sayaka-sempai, that little rat..."

Sato smiled vengefully. "We were sure you wouldn't mind."

Yuriko gave him a sarcastic smile. "Oh, I don't mind. I live to entertain." He laughed at her reaction and they headed towards homeroom.


Sayaka had obviously seen the schedule – as had the others in the class. Yuriko found herself being thanked profusely and congratulated on her being the special guest at the dance. She automatically kicked into gracious mode, thanking the students and accepting their kind words without a hint of sarcasm.

Yuriko sat down at her seat and opened her book bag.

"Good morning, Yuri-kun!" Sayaka said with a grin.

"Good morning, Sayaka-sempai," Yuriko said, her voice completely causal. She looked at the girl, her face a blank. "Is there anything you want to ask me?"

Sayaka's smile wavered a bit. "Um, there might be."

"Might be?" Yuriko cocked an eyebrow.

"Well, it depends on how annoyed you are with me." Sayaka said plaintively.

Yuri relented. "It's alright – I'm not annoyed. And I'll be glad to sing at the dance. But" she pointed a reproving finger at the girl, "I'll have to confirm it with my agent first."

Sayaka gave her a relieved smile, "Oh, Midori-san did that already!" Realizing what she'd just said, Sayaka covered her mouth with her hand quickly, as if to stop the flow of words.

"Oh, she did, did she?" Yuriko shot a look across the room at the cameraman and PA who had just entered. "That explains a lot."

"You're not going to get angry at her, are you?" Sayaka asked anxiously.

"Oh, no," Yuriko said, "I think I deserved this one. I'll take my lumps like a big girl." She smiled and waved at Midori, who grinned evilly at her. Yuriko nodded and drew a "one point" gesture in midair, then continued emptying her book bag.


English class was drawing to a close, and Yuriko was highly gratified. So far her returned homework had been the recipient of better than average grades. Aya had praised the 'A' she received on her last English paper – and she had received a brief nod from Sawako-sensei in math. She felt that her self-denial over the weekend had been vindicated. To celebrate, she had every intention of asking Midori out this weekend – and this time she wouldn't be passing up any nightcaps. Yuriko smiled at the thought.

The teacher was explaining the differences between metaphors and similes, when there was a knock on the classroom door. The door opened allowing the Principal's secretary to enter.

"The Principal would like to see Yuriko-san, if it's not inconvenient." The woman's voice was soft, uninflected, but Yuriko felt a chill run up her spine. She stood and apologized to the teacher, then headed for the hallway. Midori excused herself quickly and followed.

In a few moments, the three women had reached the Principal's office. The secretary asked Yuriko to wait and stepped into the room, announcing her arrival. In a moment she was back, asking her to enter. Yuriko walked into the office, her chest tight with tension.

A brief glance around the room confirmed her worst fears. The Principal sat behind his desk, his face drawn and unhappy. Two adults stood behind the chair that housed a hunched and miserable figure. Everyone but the seated figure turned to face Yuriko as she entered.

The blonde stepped into the office, allowing Midori to enter as well, then turned to face the Principal.

The Principal sighed and placed his hands on the desk, clasped together. "I'm sorry to have pulled you out of class, Yuriko-san, but we have a serious situation here."

Yuriko turned, dread filling her, as the Principal continued. "This is Mr. And Mrs. Watanabe. Their daughter has lodged a very serious complaint against you..."

The figure in the chair looked up, her eyes red and burning. Yuriko looked down into the angry face of Mie, and knew that the worst had indeed come to pass.