Shoujoai ni Bouken: Adventures of Yuriko

The Story So Far: Dinner with Midori has turned out to be delicious, aromatic and tantalizing on more than a few levels. Yuriko is amazed to find herself face to face with one of her own idols.

Volume 4, issue 7


A second thought struck Yuriko. "Your married name?" she hoped she kept all the disappointment she felt out of the question.

Midori nodded. She spent a moment in thought, then said, "I married right out of high school. It was...ill advised. We parted friends several years ago. I use the name only in my writing."

Yuriko was much relieved. She refused to date married women - not out of any sense of misguided chivalry or morality, but simply out of self-preservation.

"But..." between the lateness of the hour, the food and wine, Yuriko was finding it hard to keep her thoughts straight, "how do *you* know you're my favorite author?"

Midori smiled. "Kishi-san graciously informed me, as did Hayashi-san - oh yes, I met her. She's a delightful person." Midori laughed at Yuriko's expression, "And so did nearly every other person I've met so far at the studio. Apparently, *everyone* knows your opinion of my work."

Yuriko blushed. "I gave your most recent book out as presents last year."

"Revelations?" Midori asked, becoming suddenly serious. "What did you think of it?"

Yuriko considered. "It was as were writing to me personally. It made me feel happy, even when the writing was sad." She smiled at the woman. "But what brings you to the completely ignominious position of production assistant for my television show? Slumming?"

Midori laughed, delighted. "No. Research, actually. I'm planning on using my experience for an article."

"Well, I'm thrilled that you're here."

"Me too." Midori smiled. Yuriko had the sudden sensation of the world turning red, as her chest tightened. While the blood rushed to her face, Yuriko fought to breath slowly and deeply. She wondered at her reaction to this woman. It wasn't just physical attraction - that was a sensation she knew well enough.

Midori glanced at her watch, her eyes widening. "Oh my goodness! I had no idea how late it was!" Yuriko was glad for the change of subject - she signaled for the check.

Few words were spoken as they waited for a cab. Neither woman seemed to feel the need for them. At last an empty cab pulled up and Yuriko handed Midori into the vehicle before joining her.

The streets were nearly empty, with the exception of cabs and the inevitable delivery trucks. Yuriko watched Midori as the writer stared out the window, commenting on the sights. After a few minutes, Yuriko found herself looking at the familiar streets with new interest.

"You see that building? It was built by a man who made his money in the black market during the Korean conflict - he patterned himself after the American hermit, Howard Hughes. The inside of the building is disturbing and antiseptic, to say the least. A publishing company now owns it."

Yuriko stared at the oddly shaped architecture. She'd never noticed it before. The next quarter of an hour was filled with similar moments, and Yuriko was sorry to see them pull up to the address that Midori had given the cab driver.

Yuriko followed Midori to the building door, after asking the cab to wait for her. The two women stood facing each other in silence. At last Midori bowed. Yuriko bowed as well, but as she righted herself, her arm snaked out and took Midori's hand in her own. The brunette did nothing, allowing Yuriko to hold her hand. Yuriko bowed over the hand, brushing her lips lightly along the back of the fingers, then released it.

"Thank you," she said simply. "I hope," she stressed the word slightly, "we can do this again soon."

Midori took a half step back towards the door of the building. "I'd like that." And with that, she wished Yuriko a good night and entered the building. Yuriko stood outside until Midori had entered the elevator, the returned to the taxi.

The smile on her face lasted the whole ride home and, in fact, was still on her face when Yuriko finally fell asleep.


"Good morning!" Yuriko waved at Ni-ru and Heiji, who were slouching in their usual place along the wall that led to the school entrance. Heiji was smoking. Yuriko plucked the cigarette from his mouth with a flourish.

"Chicks hate smokers," she said flightily and crushed the lit end against the wall.

"Hey! That was my last smoke!" Heiji protested, but Yuriko was already halfway to the school. Heiji looked at Ni-ru who shrugged.



Heiji rooted around in a pocket, pulled out a pack of cigarettes, lit a new one and returned to slouching against the wall.


"Good morning to you, Sayaka-sempai!" Yuriko chirped. Sayaka returned the greeting happily.

"You sound happy today, Yuriko-kun. How was the show last night?"

"It was wonderful!" Yuriko smiled at the memory.

"It must be so glamorous, meeting people like that..." Sayaka said wistfully.

Yuriko waved at Aya, who had just entered. "Not really - it's mostly artificial. Despite all my whining, the people I've met here at school are more real - and more interesting - than most of the people in the industry."

"Still, " Sayaka persisted, "you meet people I can only dream of meeting."

Yuriko glanced at the girl sidelong. "You've probably heard the saying, 'be careful of what you wish for....' " Yuriko laughed. "Haven't you figured out how impetuous I am yet?"

Sayaka looked puzzled for a moment, then her eyes widened. "You mean...?" She giggled. "Oh, right, like you'd take me to something like that."

Yuriko shrugged. "Don't dare me. I've always been contrary."

Aya laughed at that. "Really? We hadn't noticed."

Yuriko shot her a mock glare. "Hey, don't give your employer any lip."

"Speaking of which - thank you for the nice lead-in - I've finished all the scripts you gave me." The girl plopped down the manuscripts in question. "They were almost universally awful. I think I'll become a scriptwriter for a living - I can't be worse than these people."

Sayaka grabbed one off the top of the pile. " 'Red Stress?' What a terrible title!"

Aya nodded. "That one was probably the worst, wait, the second worst. Yuriko-kun would play a..." she grinned.

Yuriko sighed, "Shall we all say it together?"

"Lesbian murderer." Three voices solemnly intoned.

"Ugh. That's almost enough to put me out of my excellent mood." Yuriko said.

"You are in a good mood today," Aya said, giving the blonde the once-over. "What's up?"

"I had a nice evening last night." Yuriko answered, but felt her cheeks heat up.

"Yuriko-kun," Sayaka said with quiet amazement, "you're blushing."