Shoujoai ni Bouken: Adventures of Yuriko

The Story So Far: Yuriko gains an insight into human nature, as she learns the name of the person who may have tipped the media off about her and Ruriko-sensei. In the meantime the new Production Assistant on the show may not be Type 1,2 or 3, but is most definitely Yuriko's type.

Volume 4, Issue 1


"So, Midori-san," Yuriko asked casually, "what brings you to work on this project?"

The woman smiled delightfully at Yuriko, who felt a blush creep up to the roots of her hair. "I requested this job, actually," Midori said.


"I'd heard so much about you..." Midori let the sentence taper off suggestively, as Yuriko fought off a wave of blood pounding though her head, chest and other parts of her body. The cold air that spilled in from the open window seemed to have no affect on the heat that filled her. Her eyes sparkled as she met Midori's gaze.

"Really? What kind of things?" Yuriko's voice was low, as she moved closer to the woman, one hand hovering over a slim arm...

"Yuriko-san!" The curt voice startled Yuriko out of her fantasy. She looked up in some confusion, as Sawako-sensei grated out, "I'm extremely sorry to interrupt your thoughts, but if it's not too inconvenient, would you please step up to the board and answer the sixth problem."

Mumbling an apology, Yuriko ignored the muffled laughs from the rest of the class and stepped up to the board. She found it hard to concentrate on the problem at hand, but managed, barely, to solve it correctly. As she returned to her seat, she was sure that the barest of smirks passed over Sawako-sensei's face. Yuriko muttered something, but didn't meet the teacher's eyes. Before she sat down, she just caught a glance from Midori, who was in the corner taking notes. Yuriko gave the woman a small wink, and was rewarded by that smile once again. Yuriko seated herself with a look that was more pleased than solving the problem could account for.


Lunchtime found Yuriko staring at today's bento, the usual crowd gathered around. The furoshiki had a winter motif - it looked new. Yuriko hoped that whomever was making these lunches wasn't going out of her way to spend too much.

Lunch today was simple - onigiri and takoyaki with some decorative vegetables for garnish. Yuriko picked at her food while the conversation about the school festival was bounced around the table.

"Yuriko-kun," Sayaka said in a deceptively mild tone, "can the writing club depend on you for our booth?"

Yuriko looked at the girl warily. "I don't know...what did you have in mind?" She wagged her finger playfully at Sayaka. "I know you too well by now, to trust you..." she narrowed her eyes.

Sayaka laughed, "Nothing horrible! We're selling calligraphy. We wrote the verses and the calligraphy club did the writing."

Yuriko pushed out her bottom lip. "I'll be glad to spend at least some time selling - I expect the basketball team will want me too?" She glanced at Mikan.

The senior shook her head and finished swallowing her food. "I don't think so - but I'm not in charge of the booth. We're selling food this year - bento, in fact. I think we've got enough people - and everyone needs to eat."

"True enough." Yuriko said. "I guess you can pencil me in for the writing club, then."

Sayaka clapped her hands happily. "I bet we sell a lot of calligraphy."

Yuriko gave her a mock glare. "Sempai, you are so mercenary."

The conversation moved on and Yuriko had just finished the last rice ball when Namba came back into the room, followed by Midori. The blonde excused herself and wandered over to the other side of the classroom, where the PA had seated herself.

"I hope you had a pleasant lunch?" Yuriko said generally, after greeting the cameraman and the PA.

"Lovely. The Principal seems to take pleasure in meeting the new Assistants," Namba said dryly.

Midori smiled. "He's a very nice man. He treated us to a very pleasant lunch."

Yuriko watched Midori surreptitiously as the PA arranged her notepad and notes. She moved easily - a woman who was comfortable with her body. Yuriko wondered briefly whether she danced.

"Midori-san," Yuriko leaned on a desk, lowering her voice a little, "if you're going to be around until after basketball practice, maybe we can get a bite to eat afterwards..."

Midori looked up at Yuriko, folding her hands neatly under her chin. "I think I'd like that." They smiled at one another, until Namba cleared his throat pointedly. Yuriko shot him a look, and excused herself back to her seat. Midori watched her walk away, then turned to Namba, exchanged a few words with and left the room. The cameraman hefted the camera and wandered over to the lunchtime crowd. No one looked up as he approached, so used to his presence had they become. Yuriko glanced up from her English assignment and gave the camera a smile. She was disconcerted to see Namba grinning evilly at her from behind the lens. She wondered what was up...he obviously knew something she didn't and the thought made her a little uncomfortable.


Before heading into the locker room for gym, Yuriko visited Ruriko-sensei in her office. The woman looked positively awful. Dark bags and swollen eyes told a tearful tale of a sleepless night. Yuriko closed the door behind her and stood in front of the desk, her palms on the desk surface. The coach looked up at Yuriko with bleak, angry eyes.

"Ruriko-sensei, I..." Yuriko began, but the gym teacher shook her head.

"Don't. Please." Ruriko sensei swiped a handkerchief across her eyes. "It has nothing to do with you - with yesterday. I'm pretty sure this would have happened anyway..."

Yuriko pulled up a chair, but said nothing. Ruriko gave her a tired smile and apologized.

"I'm sure the last thing in the world you need to hear is my problems."

"Mariko always tells me that other people's problems are the best thing to take my mind off my own."

"Yeah, but who will take my mind off mine?'

Yuriko gestured towards the gym. "You've got a class full of drama, just waiting for you to lend a sympathetic ear."

Ruriko gave a little laugh. "I suppose you're right."

"Speaking of which, I think I can unload a little problem on you." Yuriko crossed her arms. "Despite your protestations to the contrary, I'm pretty sure that yesterday's horror was all *my* fault." Yuriko recounted her experience with Mie - leaving out nothing but the girl's name. Ruriko sat, appalled and fascinated as Yuriko told her tale.

"So, what are you going to do?" The coach seemed to have forgotten her own misery, as Yuriko had predicted.

The blonde shrugged. "Beats me. I don't think this has played itself out yet - but what *can* I do? Go to the Principal? With what?" She sighed. "I don't think this kid will go so far as to outright lie...but you never know."

"Hell hath no fury..." Ruriko said.

"Mmm," Yuriko agreed.

There was a momentary pause, then, with an odd bark, Ruriko- sensei began to laugh. "You know - the poet was more right than he knew." Her smile broadened.

"Oh?" Yuriko glanced at the teacher, and caught sight of the nasty gleam in her eye. "Ohhhh. You're going on the warpath?" Yuriko grinned.

"Yes," Ruriko said, as she pushed herself out of her seat. "Yes, I think I am."

"I'll buy the first round," Yuriko joked.