Shoujoai ni Bouken: Adventures of Yuriko

The Story So Far: A turbulent week has ended with a busy weekend. Yuriko has gathered some comfort and healing from her friends and schoolmates. Today she wants to relax.


Volume 3, Issue 9

"Closing the Book"


Yuriko pressed herself into Shannon's luxurious hair and took a deep breath. She always smelled of fresh air and sunshine, even when she had been living in a city for years. You could never really take the farm out of the girl, could you?

Shannon smiled up at her lover; running her hands over the long, lean arms and legs that wrapped her tightly in an embrace. She rested her head against Yuriko's chest, listening to the blonde's heart.

"I didn't realize until just now how much sunshine you bring into a room." Yuriko said as if to herself. "I didn't realize how dark my life had become, until you came back into it."

Shannon laughed. "I forgot just how very gothic you become after we make love. All pale and tragic." She bit the last word off and apologized immediately. "I'm sorry - that was thoughtless."

Yuriko shook her head. "No, that's alright. I've been thinking about it alot, obviously." She seemed content to say no more, resting her cheek on Shannon's head.

"And what have you been thinking?" Shannon asked after some time had passed.

"Mostly about whether or not I was really upset that they're dead, or upset that a piece of my history is gone." Yuriko rolled onto her back and stared up at the ceiling. Shannon lifted herself up on her arms and watched the blonde. "I've come to the conclusion that, one, Mariko is right, that they've been dead to me a while now and; two, I'm more annoyed that no one told me than I am sad that they're gone."

Shannon wisely said nothing. Yuriko looked over at the American, reached out and stroked her cheek. "You've got sheet marks."

The redhead took Yuriko's hand in her own and massaged the palm lightly. "Are you going to visit their grave?" she asked.

"Tomorrow, yes." Yuriko took Shannon's hand in hers and brought it to her lips. "More for me than anything else. I've become so self-absorbed, I don't even care anymore that they might not want me there."

Shannon thought about that. "What if... well, what if they left instructions to keep you away? I know it seems farfetched, but..."

Yuriko nodded. "Not really. Not from what I remember of them, no. If I can't get in, then I tried and it's not on my head. If I don't even try - then it's my fault. Either way, I'll have some closure."

Yuriko leaned forward, kissing Shannon lightly on the mouth. The kiss deepened, and went on for a long time.

When they pulled apart, Yuriko said, "Have I ever told you about my family?"

Shannon shook her head, placing her lips against Yuriko's collarbone. As she explored that area with her mouth, Yuriko continued to speak.

"I had an older brother, Takeshi, who wanted to be a doctor and an older sister, Fumie, who wanted to be a mother, after she became a marine biologist." Shannon's mouth had arrived at the bottom of Yuriko's neck. She paused, breathless, as Shannon continued to kiss her.

"Go on," Shannon said, her mouth muffled against Yuriko's skin.

"Mmm," Yuriko said. "When I left...was thrown out," she corrected, "Fumie was seeing a nice boy from a local college." She paused, as Shannon's hands began to explore her abdomen and ribs. "I can't remember his name. Takeshi, he wasn't going out with anyone - he was very shy and a bit on the nerdy side. He was good looking if you liked that type." Her train of thought stopped momentarily as a hand passed lightly across one of her breasts.

"I came out to him first, before anyone else in the world." Yuriko continued when she caught her breath. "He never even blinked. Just nodded and said that he hoped I would be happy."

"How old were you?" Shannon lifted herself up, then lowered her mouth to the edge of Yuriko's jaw. Kisses traced their way along the line of her jaw towards her ear.

"Fourteen? I think that's about right." She fell silent, as Shannon's tongue played at the corner of her ear.

"Go on," Shannon whispered into Yuriko's ear.

Yuriko laughed. "It's getting harder to concentrate."

"Mmm," Shannon moved away from the blonde's ear and headed downwards to the shoulders. "That's the point."

"I never told Fumie," Yuriko said. "I never got to say goodbye. She was out on a date that night. She had no idea..." Tears sprang to her eyes, tears for two sisters who had never had a chance to say anything important to each other.

Shannon's mouth moved around the edge of one breast, her hands not quite touching Yuriko's nipple. She fell silent then, and it was a long time before she spoke again.


Night had fallen. Both women were dressed, and soft music poured from the stereo speakers in liquid waves. Snuggled together on the couch, they let the darkness and sound wash over them, casting them into a limbless relaxation. Yuriko found herself drifting in and out of sleep. A thought popped into her head and she laughed.

"I am going to be so behind in homework, aren't I?" she said to the American.

Shannon grinned. "Maybe I'll have to tutor you after school."

"Hey, now - none of that!" Yuriko said with a grin. "I'm already concerned enough about getting in trouble for sleeping with my teacher."

"Are you really?" Shannon asked, sitting up.

Yuriko shrugged. "A little. It wouldn't take much for some parent to complain about my being a bad influence on the students."

Shannon gave her a puzzled glance. "So what? It's not like you have to graduate or anything - and I don't need to teach. If they ask me to leave, I'll accept that mini-series offer I got."

"You got it? That's great!" Yuriko changed the subject.

"Yes - I might take it anyway. For once I've got a real role, not just the token American."

The two women relaxed back on the sofa, as they talked of their acting careers, and their futures...but not of school, or family.