Shoujoai ni Bouken: Adventures of Yuriko

The Story So Far: Yuriko has made it to Saturday night. She's learned a few things about herself along the way.


Volume 3, Issue 8

"Eye of The Hurricane"


Yuriko attempted to balance her wineglass on her thigh, but got nowhere fast. Noting that new muscles seemed to be springing up in the aforementioned limb, she eyed it critically while Mariko talked.

"So, I told him about what happened. He wants to make it up to you."

"That's not necessary. Tell him that next time we go out, dinner is his treat." Yuriko sipped from her glass, while Mariko made a noise of disgust.

"Well, *you* sound better than when I left you."


"Maybe. Who's responsible?"

Yuriko laughed into the phone. "You *are* jealous! Well, if you must know, I went out to dinner with Aya-san."

"Isn't she a little young for you?" Mariko joked.

"Yes, and she's married, too."

"What?" Mariko was shocked.

"Yup, she went and got married to the boy - despite my excellent advice." Yuriko sighed. "Apparently my reaction was not unexpected. She had a few choice justifications, then fell into a sobbing heap. I spent most of the evening alternately consoling and berating her."

"Ah hah!" Mariko said. "No wonder you sound better. There's nothing like other people's problems to take your mind off your own."

"There is that." Yuriko agreed. She took another mouthful of wine, letting it linger on her tongue. "Can I just say how strange it was for me, sitting there dispensing advice like an older sister? It was very bizarre."

"Aya-san really cares about your opinion, doesn't she?"

"Apparently." Yuriko glanced at her watch. "It's getting late - let me let you go."

Mariko giggled. "You mean, 'Shannon's coming early and I need to straighten the place up.'"

"Goodnight Mari." Yuriko said firmly. "Don't bother calling tomorrow - the phone will not be answered."

"Goodnight Yuri." Mariko paused. "Call me when you get back on Monday, promise?"

"I promise." Yuriko said softly. "I promise."


Yuriko hummed along with the CD on the stereo as she gave the flower arrangement a few final touches. Breakfast tomorrow should be very interesting. She smiled. Luckily she had made the arrangements before...her smile slipped away. Bracing her shoulders, she shook off the melancholy that began to creep over her.

"I will not be like this," she commanded herself. But she found herself staring out into the distance, watching the lights of the city twinkle. Yuriko sat herself on a stool in the kitchen and leaned on her arm. Monday would bring closure, she reminded herself, if not happiness.


The door opened. Shannon's bubbly voice called out in Japanese, then English. Yuriko was nowhere to be seen. Coming up into the apartment, Shannon dropped her bag in the hallway. She looked around the living room, a pleased smile spreading over her face. She called out again, but received no answer.

"Yuri?" Shannon looked into the kitchen area. "Where are you?" She listened for a moment. No noise. No sound from the bedroom...Shannon's smile reappeared as she slid the door to the bathroom open. Yuriko sat neck deep in the hot water, grinning at her.

"Need someone to wash your back?" Yuri asked. She rose from the tub without waiting for the answer. Shannon moved towards her, holding out her arms, not bothering with a towel. Yuriko pressed herself into the smaller woman, kissing her fiercely. Shannon met her kiss and returned it, then broke away to peel her clothes off.

Sometime later, the two women sat in the living area, and helped themselves to a late breakfast of bagels, cream cheese, lox and coffee.

"Say it again." Shannon prompted.

"Rokusu." Yuriko responded.

Shannon laughed, delighted. "It sounds so wonderful when you say it like that. 'Rokusu,' instead of 'lox.'"

"I *am* saying lox." Yuriko said defensively, but Shannon wouldn't stop grinning at her.

The redhead laughed about Yuriko's choice of food. "You know I'm not from New York, don't you?"

"Sure - but what's more American than this?"

"Everything!" Shannon grinned as she bit into a bagel. "Eggs and bacon, pancakes, hash browns..."

Yuriko pouted until Shannon apologized with a kiss. Yuri forgave her grudgingly. Conversation remained light, as Yuriko recounted her experiences on the tour and Shannon told Yuriko about the girls' basketball team's performance on Friday.

"That girl - the captain - she's amazing!" Shannon said. "She's got real talent. Even Ruriko said that she could go pro."

Yuriko nodded, thinking about the girl. "I wish I could figure her out."

Shannon said nothing, but then grinned. "Hey - did you find out who's packing those lunches for you?"

Yuriko shook her head. "Nope - my idea bombed out."

"That's odd." Shannon said. "I was sure she'd..."

Yuriko looked at the American oddly. "Do you know something about it?"

"No!" Shannon hastened to explain herself. "Well, you were the one who said it had to be a girl..."

Yuriko hmphed and ate another piece of smoked salmon. The conversation lapsed into silence.

When breakfast was cleared up, Shannon turned to the blonde. "Do you have anything planned for today?"

Yuriko walked up behind Shannon and took the woman's red-gold mane into her hands. She undid the braid in which it was bound and ran her fingers through the locks. "Yes," she said, leaning down to kiss Shannon's neck. The American leaned her head away from the kiss and Yuriko pressed her lips harder into the smooth skin. "I plan on taking you to bed." Yuriko said, as the kiss ended.

Shannon stood and without a word, the two women headed for the bedroom.