Shoujoai ni Bouken: Adventures of Yuriko

The Story So Far: Yuriko has just rejected the advances made by Mie, and come very close to being manhandled bya slimy salaryman. She is determined to leave her bad experiences in the past and move on, but ...


Volume 1, Issue 20

"The Persistence of the Surreal"


Yuriko poured out two glasses of wine, smiling the whole time. She handed one of the glasses to the other woman, murmured a soft toast and they drank.

Hikari had the most delightful smile, Yuriko noted. She said as much, prompting that same smile to appear once again. Yuriko spent a moment letting her glance linger on the woman lips and turned to the menu. This was, she thought, exactly what she needed...on more than one level.

Her date was voluptuous by Japanese standards, and Yuriko was fascinated with the way her dressed moved over her curves, watching both openly and covertly. The woman exuded a kind of comfortable sensuality that fascinated Yuriko. Like so many hostesses who used their body language to speak of unspeakable things, this woman's every gesture was eloquent. Yuriko looked forward to a long discussion with her.

The restaurant was not crowded; it was still early in the evening. The quiet atmosphere gave them a sense of intimacy that heightened the enjoyment of their flirtation. Yuriko gave a soft purr as the other woman ran her tongue lightly across her bottom lip, ostensibly to lick up a drop of wine that had escaped.

Appetizers came, and were promptly ignored. Yuriko was hungry, but not for food. She toyed with the fish on her plate, drawing out the meaningless chatter and small-talk behind which both women were conversing on far, far more important issues.

Hikari laughed, a husky, melodic laugh and Yuriko could feel a thrill run along her spine. This was the kind of voice she loved to hear moaning in her ear in bed. As if she had read Yuriko's mind, Hikari mentioned, almost casually, that she thought they might have dessert at her place, if that was okay with Yuriko. It was most definitely okay with Yuriko.

The two women spoke of inconsequentials, as dinner arrived. A smoldering look from over a forkful of fine cuisine and this time it was Hikari who purred.

Yuriko washed her hands in the ladies room, ran her hand through her hair. A touch along her back brought her focus on the mirror to the woman behind her. Hikari let her hand trail along Yuriko's back and arm as she walked past the blonde. Yuriko openly watched her date walk into a stall, enjoying the subtle ebb and flow of her dress. The blonde sighed with great satisfaction, and stepped to the door.

"I'll be waiting outside." Yuriko said as she let the door close behind her. She paid the bill and went retrieve their coats, waiting for Hikari to join her. As she stood in the foyer of the restaurant she heard "Yuriko-kun!" followed immediately by several surprised "Yuriko-san!" She turned away from the coat check to see the girl's basketball team entering the restaurant. Surprised, she asked them what they were doing here and was informed that they were celebrating a big win in tonight's game.

"Congratulations!" Yuriko said with sincerity. "That's great!" She caught Mikan's eye, "So you didn't need me after all, eh?" The girls laughed. The maitre' d approached and announced that the girls' table was ready. Several of the girls insisted Yuriko join them for the celebration. Yuriko tried to decline, but two firm grips took hold of her wrists. Yuriko was casting her glance around for her date as she was dragged towards the large back room, until a cold voice broke up the scene.

"Leave her alone." Yuriko's wrists were immediately released and the crowd turned towards the latecomer. Yamamoto Kaori looked at Yuriko with disdain. "She obviously doesn't want to be disturbed."

Mikan laughed and clapped Yamamoto on the shoulder. "Oh, come *on* Buchou! Lighten up!"

Yuriko straightened her cuffs and cleared her throat. Kaori had never let her gaze waiver from Yuriko's face, nor was there any change in her mien as the team captain spoke. "Mikan, don't be a fool. Can't you see she's out on a date?" Disapproval, while not actually voiced, was implicit in the girl's comment.

Mikan pulled back from the captain sharply and glanced at Yuriko who muttered an apology. The team vice-captain blushed as she tried to apologize for interrupting Yuriko's evening.

The blonde waved the apologies away and made her way back through the group, towards the door. With much bowing and apologies on both sides, Yuriko made her escape at last. Back in the lobby, she found a distinctly annoyed-looking Hikari. As she was helped on with her coat, the hostess asked, "Who were those girls? And why were they dragging you off?" Her sense of humor had returned, and Yuriko grinned at her.

"It might make a good bedtime story," she said and held her arm out for the other woman to take. "If you're a good girl."

"Oh," Hikari rejoined, taking the proffered arm "I'm always good."

Yuriko laughed, and the two women left the restaurant.


Yuriko ran her eyes along the CD rack in Hikari's apartment. Popular music, a few well-known Enka singers, the selection was unremarkable. She poured out two glasses of wine and squatted to see the rest of the CDs. One caught her attention and she quickly pulled it out, her eyebrow raised. Her lower lip pushed out with interest. She stood and turned on the CD player, slipping the disc in and turning the volume down. The opening notes of a string quartet began to play. Yuriko seated herself on the sofa and closed her eyes, while the quartet broke into four separate threads, melodic and discordant all at once.

"You like Biber?" Hikari asked, coming back into the room. "Not many people do."

"I like interesting music." Yuriko sat forward and smiled at the hostess. She had changed into a silk yukata and, as with her dress, the material moved delightfully across her curves. "I like interesting things...and people."

Hikari came around the couch and placed a tray of strawberries on the table. She picked one off the tray and took a delicate bite. Pushing Yuriko backwards, until she reclined on the sofa once again, Hikari seated herself across Yuriko's lap and held the bitten strawberry up for Yuriko to taste. The blonde did, with dispatch, her eyes on Hikari's mouth the entire time.

The hostess finished the strawberry, picked up a second one and once again, fed it to Yuriko. Black hair fell across Hikari's arm, and she moved to brush it away, but Yuriko was there first. Gently, she brushed the hair back from the waitress' arm, then followed the hair upwards, sliding her hand under Hikari's head. Placing a slight pressure on her neck, Yuriko leaned forward, the strawberry still caught between her teeth.

Hikari placed her mouth on the strawberry and bit off half, her lips brushing Yuriko's. Smiling against the woman's mouth, Yuriko kept her hand on Hikari, tangling her hand in the luxurious black hair and kissing the woman. Hikari responded without hesitation, opening her mouth to Yuriko, allowing tongue and strawberry to mix.

Yuriko brought her other hand up to claim Hikari's shoulder, drawing the woman into her. Their kissing took on more urgency. Hikari took Yuriko's face in her hands, placing kisses all across the blonde's mouth, then licking at the corners with her strawberry scented tongue.

After a few minutes they pulled away. Yuriko reached for a glass of wine and passed it to Hikari, who sipped at it, smiling from under hooded eyes. Yuriko picked up her own glass and clinked it against the waitress'.

"You know," Yuriko said, as Hikari fed her another strawberry, "you make an excellent dessert."

Hikari laughed. "You mean I'll make an excellent dessert."

Yuriko nodded and drew the other woman closer. "Exactly." She leaned forward and kissed Hikari's throat at the base, then worked her way up to the curve of her jaw. Lightly she bit into the other woman's neck and again, when she heard the moan that came from her, Yuriko slid one hand under the collar of the yukata, feeling the soft shoulder, down to the curve of breast. Following her hand with kisses, she could feel Hikari put both hands around her neck. Yuriko untied the belt to the robe, allowing it to fall away from the voluptuous body on her lap.

Taking Hikari in both arms, Yuriko stood and without taking her mouth away from the hostess' body, carried her into the bedroom, where they decided to have the rest of their dessert.


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