Poster Girl

by leloi


"Are we done yet?"

"Just another shot," the cameraman replied, adjusting
the lighting umbrella.  "Yuriko, be a dear and hold up
the gun a teensy bit higher... perfect!"

Yuriko frowned.  The guns were heavy.  They both
seemed to weigh a ton, dragging her arms downwards
with each passing second.  Her wrists had seized up
long ago.  A dull ache seemed to be spreading down to
her elbows.

"Yuriko... you're frowning again."

The blond made some effort to smile, despite the
uncomfortable position her body was in.

The photographer snapped a few more shots, endlessly
changing lenses in his search for the perfect picture.
It was the Holy Grail of pictures.  It was a picture
he endlessly sought with the perfect balance of light,
composition and effect.

"My leg is going to fall off!" the curly haired model
behind Yuriko hissed at her companion dressed as a

"That's nothing compared to my arms!  These swords are
heavy." the other model growled.

"I wish you both would be quiet!  You're not acting in
a professional manner," the model holding the throw
daggers chastised.

The models had been patient to a point.  After nearly
an hour of holding the same position, they were ready
for a mutiny.  Their mutterings became increasingly
louder as the shoot progressed.

"You hold him down and I break his camera," the curly
haired model whispered to the miko model.

The miko model began to shake in silent laughter,
causing her swords to wiggle.

"Will you both be quiet?" the third model snarled.

"Ladies... can you look at the camera?  Perfect!" the
photographer grinned and snapped a few more pictures.
"Don't move!  Look at the birdie!  Birdie, birdie,
birdie!"  The cameraman snapped one more picture and
stepped away from the camera.  "Perfect."

"Can we move?" the miko model queried.

"Yes, of course," the photographer casually replied,
disassembling parts of his equipment.

The models all sighed in unison.  Stiff arms and sore
knees were massaged.

"You ladies can go prepare for the swimsuit shot while
I'm moving this."

The four, turned as one to stare at the photographer.

"They need a swimsuit shot," the cameraman replied,
undaunted by the glares he was receiving.  "I believe
they want the same weapon shot we just did, but with
you ladies in swimsuits."

The throwing knives model was ready to attack.  "You
mean I have to stand there and listen to them gripe...
AGAIN?"  She was caught and dragged towards the
dressing room by the other two models.

Yuriko sighed and shook her head, massaging her aching
wrists.  It was going to be a long day.


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