by Sparkle


"You want me to wear what?"

The director, who, Yuriko had finally decided, was completely insane, clapped his hands together. "Isn't it perfect?" he gushed.

"It's..." Yuriko searched for a word that was searing enough to describe her feelings, but found herself at a loss.

"...perfect!" the director finished for her.

Yuriko stared for a moment longer at the strange conglomeration of silver-painted plastic, glow-in-the-dark neon strips, and flashing red lights.

"How in the hell do I put it on?" she finally choked out.

The director positively *giggled*. "I know it looks complicated, but it's not so bad, really! You see, this part goes over your head..."

"Frank!" The director jumped guiltily and carefully put down the piece of Yuriko's new...she shuddered at the thought..."costume" that he'd been holding over his head.

"Er...yes, Nadia?" he asked.

The red-haired woman stood in the doorway and fixed him with the a gimlet stare. "How many times must I tell you? Do NOT MESS WITH MY COSTUMES!"

The director cowered and backed away a step. "Y-yes, Nadia, dear, of course! So sorry...I'll just be going, now..."

She continued to glare at him as she strode into the room, and he stood frozen to the spot until finally she turned her gaze elsewhere: to the costume sitting in a neat pile on the floor...whereupon he darted lightly for the doorway and called cheerily over his shoulder, "I'll see you on the set, Yuriko my dear! I'm sure you'll be perfect!"

Yuriko scowled and called after him, "Don't call me 'dear'!" but it was too late; he was gone. She sighed and turned back to the redoubtable dresser, who seemed to have already forgotten the frenetic little man and was stooping over the shining, glowing, and flashing pieces of Yuriko's new "costume".

How did I let Kishi talk me into *this* one?

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