Great Day

by Kairen


"Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! THIS is definitely going to be a great day!" Yuriko told to herself while stretching after waking up from what appears to be one of the bestest sleep she had in days.

She performed the usual regimen she had every morning... breakfast and a nice long bath before going straight to the studio.

"I wonder what Midori has in store for me today?" she asked herself on her way down from her apartment while remembering what Midori told her a couple of nights before.


"I'm so stressed!".

"Silly!" said Midori while tapping the blonde's head. "Don't be such a big baby!"

"How can you say that? I've been working my ass off for 7 straight days Midori. seven straight days!" replied the blonde now more irritated than ever.

Midori just gave her an amused look.

"Ah ah ah! don't start now... I know this is work and everything, but GOD, if there is one this is TORTURE."

"Darling! You can handle more than this!. Remember STRESSED is DESSERTS spelled backwards... This should be a piece of cake! Besides, Kishi-san did promised you a couple of days off starting Monday and I have something in store for you on those days, so till them be PA-TI-ENT!"

"Would that involve undressing you?"

"No, silly! You can do that anytime!"


The thought of that made Yuriko grin so wide it has become so obvious.

"Something nice happened, Yuriko-sama?" the driver asked as Yuriko hoisted herself inside the car.

"Nope. But I feel that this is going to be a great day!". Yuriko replied who is now grinning more broadly than ever.

It is her birthday after all. What can go wrong.


Yuriko arrived at the studio minutes later. Without wasting another minute, she went straight to Kishi-san's .

After the usual chat about schedules, rehearsals and guest appearances, Yuriko wasted no time and looked for Mariko.

"Kenji-san, have you seen Mariko anywhere?"

"Nope, but I heard she took the rest of the day off. Haven't she told you?"

Puzzled, Yuriko went on. "That's weird. She always tells me if she's up to something."

"Nyway, Thanks!"

Putting a fist in her hand, "Hmmmm... could it be? Mariko took the day off... Midori has something in store for me... Maybe, they are planning a surprise party!" Yuriko told to herself as she made her way out of the studio.


*BANG* Yuriko closed the door so hard that it startled the napping driver.

"Yuriko-sama, is there anything wrong? Did someone mistreat you?" asked the

puzzled driver.

"Nah! I'm just beat. I think I'll go home now."

It was supposed to be one of those perfect days for Yuriko but turned out sour. She was supposed to spoil the surprise and went straight to Midori's after leaving the studio. It turned out, no Midori was home. She tried Mariko's and same thing, no Mariko. She tried to contact both, but both phone lines are either busy or unavailable. To her dismay, she ate lunch alone and decided to go straight home.

Ideas of non-stop partying and celebration, slowly oozed out of her mind. She no longer welcomes the idea. Instead, Yuriko wished to go home and pout until it exhausts her.

"Yuriko-sama" started the driver trying to get the attention of the downtrodden idol. "I know it's none of my business, but I always go for a walk at the park to get my mind of things. The weather is good and there are very few people at days like this. Would you like to go for a walk?"

Yuriko, surprised at the concern her driver has shown, accepted the idea. "Yeh! I think it's a good idea." replied Yuriko, showing a hint of a smile.


The driver was right. There were very few people at the park. This made her more at ease and calm. Though she welcomes fans and has high regards for them. Now was not the time. She tried to think. "Did Mariko and Midori really did forget her birthday?" she thought. After all, it was a bit bizarre to begin with. Her birthdays is often celebrated and held publicly either through charity or as an absolute press worthy event. However, this

time, it was different. Even Kishi-san didn't mention her anything, of plans, nothing.

She tried to pry the thing off her mind. After all, she had birthdays more sadder than this. How can this one be any different. she stopped by a park bench, with a view that overlooks the city. She positioned herself, made herself comfortable as she gazed to the skies, above the busy city.


"Yuriko-sama" started again by her driver. "Would you like to go home now?" he asked.

Yuriko hadn't noticed the time. It was almost nightfall and the sun was about to set. She gave the setting sun one last look and gave her driver a nod.

It was a short trip to her apartment and it was truly an uneventful day. Hiding her body, away from the elevator doors. She insouciantly placed her back at the elevator's wall and breath out a deep sigh. She loosened her tie and unbuttons the top two buttons of her shirt.

"I guess I'll just bore myself to sleep." she said to herself.


Unaware of the commotion that's taking place in her floor. Yuriko half-heartedly dragged herself to her room. As she rummages her pocket for keys, she heard a series of murmurs. Almost inaudible. She gave the apartment door a second look to see if it's the right apartment and gazed from left to right to check if she's in the right floor.

Hesitant, she slipped her key in the doorknob and turned it. It was pitch black. She peered through the entire floor once, twice and check for any sudden movements, nothing.

"What was I thinking." she told herself as she silently entered her apartment and put her keys back to her pocket. Turning on the lights...

"SURPRISE!" yelled the crowd in unison.

Yuriko, frozen in her tracks gave the crowd in front of her a surprised look. The crowd that composed of Midori, Mariko, Hachi, Kishi-san, Sayaka, Jun, Aya, Fumie, her husband and Momoko, Takeshi, friends and classmates from Mitsukawa, the faculty and the list goes on.

"I thought..." she started.

"What we forgot?" asked Mariko, smiling softly at her best friend. "And how in the world can we forgot!" she continued.

"But Kishi-san said nothing and I tried to call you and Midori."

"You silly, what were you thinking. I already gave the surprise away when I told you that I have a surprise for you a couple of days ago." Midori interrupted.

Before Yuriko can even answer back, Midori hugged her "Happy Birthday! Darling." and kissed her lightly in her forehead.


The party went well through the night and as Mariko and Hachi bade their farewells and gave Yuriko one last tight hug. "I really thought you forgot" she blurted.

"What has gotten in to you, Yuriko. Really!" Mariko said.

Yuriko just smiled at her and gave her a big hug. "Thank you, Mari, Hachi. Really. Thank you!" and the two left the apartment.

Midori gave her lover a questioning look. "Honestly Yuriko, what has gotten in to you?"

"Nothing. Its just that I though you guys has forgotten my birthday and I was so looking forward to the surprises."

"I haven't given you my surprise yet. You know." Midori said.

Those words were music to Yuriko's ears and it made her spirits shift into a more higher level. She gave the writer a mixed of excited and intrigued look.

"So, where IS the surprise?" she asked. "Where's my well deserved present?" she asked again.

Midori just gave her partner a teasing look that made the blonde more excited. Surely, this was something really special and from the looks that Midori is giving her, she can't help herself but beg the writer to spill her the surprise.

"Come on!" she demanded. "Tell me or I'll unwrap you first!'

"Okay... Okay..." said Midori trying to free herself from the blonde's playful grip.

She went to Yuriko's room and retrieved from her bag a small package wrapped

in blue ribbon. As she reached Yuriko, she extended her hand offering her her gift.

"I hope you'll like it."

Yuriko smiled at her partner and kissed her gently in her lips. She gently open the package to reveal what appears to be a key with a gold keychain engraved with the words,

'To Yuriko, with love Midori.'

Puzzled, Yuriko held the key up, which made it glistened in the light.

"I gave your last proposal a thought." Midori said as she smiled softly at

the blonde's surprised face. "And I think it was a great idea to live together. To have a place of our own." she continued.

And before she could go on, Yuriko put a finger in the writer's lips that

greatly surprised her and then kissed her.

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